From: Nashville, TN

Currently: Portland, OR

Professional: Visual artist working in fine art and murals, and an entrepreneur with experience in merchandising, brand building and experiential/activation marketing.

Personal: Enjoys travel, cooking, and long walks in the woods over the beach.

Have something you'd like to work on or get my insight on? Maybe you want to commission a painting? Or maybe you just want to send a kind word? Let's connect.


ig: @asap.gif


Finding a label for what I do has been challenging. I started a popular apparel brand, created the I Believe In Nashville symbol and built a brand around it before having an opportunity to exit. In my career as a visual artist I've worked across design, fine art, and murals. These ventures have included opportunities to collaborate and create for and alongside some of the world's biggest companies and brands.

While a lot of what I do is visual, conceptual artist is probably the best description for how I approach my creative work. Whether it's design, murals, or branding, the work has impact because it's often not what's expected, or at least not delivered in an expected way.

My visual style is ever evolving but the through line is always color. I lean towards minimal, but with high impact. I am more interested in how people feel and respond to my work than in dictating a view.

At the end of the day it's about connecting with people. I attempt to capture the moment or world around me to share it. I am endlessly fascinated by how people respond, and how it changes person to person. Though my work is often abstract, it is always intentional. Even if the intention is just having fun.