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Adrien Saporiti

Mixed Media x Post Tape (11x14)

Mixed Media x Post Tape (11x14)

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Mixed Media x Post Tape is a collaboration of my popular color field pieces and Post Tape, the Physical Mixtape for Digital Playlists. Currently offering 11x14, but email if you're interested in a larger, or smaller, size. 

 Ordering is simple:

1. Choose your gradient preference. If the four available options don't quite fit your palette, select the custom option and you can commission the exact palette you want.

2. Add Post Tape Playlist functionality if you want. This allows you to hold your phone to the piece and have it open a playlist in Spotify (or your preferred streaming service). Every 'Mixed Media' has playlist functionality built in, but you don't have to use it. If you do, just copy paste the link to your playlist in the memo field below before adding to cart.

3. Add a frame if you'd like and it's eady to hang right out of the box.

Hang in your house for your friends when they come over, or give them one for theirs. Each piece is made to order, so no two are exactly alike.

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